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关键词:思维方式;负迁移; 意合;形合



The present paper aims to conduct a tentative research into the negative transfer of Chinese thinking modes to English writing. The Asians embrace a holistic approach,whereas the westerners hold an analytical one. With the differences reflected on writing, Chinese imply something between the lines, while western people tend to directly and clearly present their opinions in a strongly logical order.

The paper firstly explores a lot of writing corpus colleted by the author, in an attempt to trace the impact of Chinese way of thinking on English writing. By examining thoroughly the writing samples, it can be found that holistic approach of Chinese produces the problem of being unfocused, and intuitive perception and implicitness of the premise of reasoning causes the writing to be lacking coherence and loose in structure. The negative transfer of Chinese thinking modes is also reflected on lexical, syntactic and collocation levels. Then, the differentiation between Chinese thinking modes and western ones and that between Chinese writing and English writing including oriental parataxis and western hypotaxis are presented in detail. Finally, to foster a way of thinking closer to that of English some possible solutions are located and evaluated.

Key words: thinking mode, negative transfer, hypotaxis, parataxis